The Darkness In The World Is Increasing

The chaos and polarization we see in the external world can feel confusing and destabilizing. 

But the chaos we see in the world means that the opportunity for transformation has never been greater.

Humanity is going through an intense transition that requires YOUR participation...

Many people ask themselves lately:

  • What can I do to help heal the world?
  • How can we defeat evil?
  • How can I find security, inner peace, and guidance amidst these challenging times?

And most often, we are asked : 

WHAT is and HOW do I do SHADOW WORK?

First, you must look at your relationship to evil by exploring the shadow WITHIN yourself.

You have to be willing to explore DARKNESS within, to BRING IN THE LIGHT.

"One Does Not Become Enlightened By Imagining Figures of Light, 
But By Making The Darkness Conscious."  

- Carl Gustav Jung

In This Masterclass You Will Learn:

  • What is embodied shadow work?

  • How to do shadow work to become more of your authentic self

  • Practical tools to work with difficult emotions which will bring more consciousness into all of your relationships

  • ​Why shadow work is the secret to being a powerful agent of change in the world

  • ​How your personal shadow and the collective shadow contributes to the evil in the world and how to heal this

  • The Stages of Individuation and becoming your true self and how to work with them

Having worked with thousands of people over the years via our private coaching and courses this masterclass was designed to address the most common issues we see:

  1. How many people stay stuck in their lives because they are being distracted by fighting the evil "out there" and mesmerized by the "shadows on the wall," as Plato described it in his allegory of the cave. If they began to look within, they would feel much less disempowered.

  2. Why many well-meaning "truth seekers" don't realize how much they keep feeding and (re)creating the evil and darkness in the world through their own unconscious shadow projections. Making the Darkness conscious within is the way out of this.

  3. We also want to avoid the "New Age" approach,  meaning denying the shadow and only focusing on the "positive". This approach is an aspect of "spiritual bypassing." Those who fall into this trap don't realize that their denial only makes the evil in the world more powerful. Awareness is key. 

  4. Lastly, we see many people talk about doing shadow work, but it is only an intellectual/mental process that leaves out the body. You can waste years believing you are doing shadow work, but you're only escaping into the mind. This is why we bring in the body: so you can stop intellectualizing the process and embody your realizations.  

Individuate Yourself

Discover your deepest, creative potential

Course curriculum

    1. Welcome!

    2. Introduction with Bernhard & Laura

    1. Why Shadow Work and engage on the path of Individuation right now?

    2. The aim of Shadow Work and the Somatic Approach

    3. What is the Shadow?

    4. Negative and Positive Projections

    5. The Somatic Signs of Shadow activations

    6. Somatic Shadow Work Exercise

    7. How to work with your Triggers

    8. Processing your Triggers Exercise

    9. The Process of Individuation

    10. The Stages of the Individuation Process

    1. Q&A

    1. PDF Slides

    1. How to Learn More From Us

Embodied Shadow Work

  • $39.00
  • 15 lessons
  • 1.5 hours of video content
  • with Bernhard Guenther & Laura Matsue

Meet Your Facilitators

Bernhard Guenther

Battling severe depression in his early life, Bernhard's journey of self-discovery and healing lead him to spiritual/psychological self-work and the Healing Arts, studying and practicing Yoga, Qi Gong, Meditation, Dance and Drumming, Psychology, Shamanism, as well as various spiritual and ancient esoteric occult teachings. His personal healing process also inspired him to explore the mysteries and hidden knowledge surrounding our planet and humanity’s origins, questioning the roots of what constitutes “reality”, and how social (and spiritual) conditioning impacts our collective and individual search for truth, fulfillment, and happiness in all aspects of life. Over the course of his life, Bernhard has studied extensively various healing modalities throughout his life and graduated from the ‘Institute of Psycho-Structural Balancing’ (IPSB) in Los Angeles and the ‘Esalen Institute’ in Big Sur, essentially developing his own unique style of Integrative Bodywork. Bernhard has worked with and helped thousands of people in their individual healing journey and hosted various workshops and retreats. He has also been giving talks and lectures at conferences and festivals around the world, where he has been invited to speak at. His work can be found at

Laura Matsue

Laura's journey began when she went through several "dark nights of the soul," which led her to seek help in the mainstream medical system, where her complex trauma was medicated by the psychiatric system, leading her to feel worse than before. After struggling with trauma and addiction for almost a decade, she had a profound awakening experience in 2012, which led her to the spiritual path. This experience brought her towards a daily yoga and meditation practice where she continued to have profound experiences of a higher power, which led her to travel the world in search of various spiritual teachings and alternative healing methods. Since then, Laura has studied various Western psychological and Eastern spirituality modalities. Her main interests are psychospiritual and somatic therapies, Jungian psychology, psychosynthesis, and evolutionary astrology, and she is also a student of Tibetan Buddhism and somatic meditation. She has studied Compassionate Inquiry (with Gabor Mate), psychosynthesis coaching & evolutionary astrology (with astrologer/therapist Mark Jones) and Internal Family Systems Therapy (foundational program). She also works with various somatic and psycho-spiritual therapies in an embodied and trauma-informed approach. She is also a certified teacher (200hr) of yoga and meditation teacher and a certified holistic counsellor. She calls this "psycho-spiritual coaching" as she works with the whole body/mind, soul, and spirit. She has hosted courses, retreats, and workshops with Bernhard, and they have coached hundreds of people over the past five years in their work together.