Creating Abundance And Thriving In Prosperity Seems Out Of Reach For Many People

but it doesn’t have to be!

So much of being able to enjoy life depends on how safe we feel physically and materially.

Yet, so many people have picked up false beliefs about themselves and money that prevent them from building the security that they so desperately need to thrive.

There are many unconscious self-defeating programs that can keep you stuck in survival mode for decades of your life.

Over 100 video lessons and powerful practices

This course 
will help you examine and shift your attitudes towards money and show you how to create more abundance in alignment with your deepest values by understanding the true meaning of prosperity.

Move from surviving to thriving by cutting through unconscious scarcity programs and false spiritual beliefs around money.

Discover how to increase the flow of money into your life using nothing but your own creative soul power that is in alignment with the Divine Will.

What You Will Learn

  • How To Identify And Work Through The Obstacles In your Life That Are Blocking You From Creating More Abundance And Prosperity In Your Life

  • How to Cut Through The Matrix Scarcity Program, False Spiritual & Religious Programming Around Money, And The Popular Misconceptions & Myths Surrounding Wealth And Money

  • The Deeper Psycho-Spiritual Principles & Universal Laws Behind The Growth Of Wealth

  • How To Increase The Inflow Of Money And Thrive In Your Creative Power In Alignment With Divine Will And Your Soul Purpose

The World Needs A New Approach To Creating Wealth and Success

The Inspiration and Intention

THE INSPIRATION for this course is my personal journey of cutting through my own scarcity consciousness and offering to you the roadmap on what I did to heal my own self-sabotage patterns and false spiritual beliefs I had around money and wealth.

In my own journey, I was never interested in money for the sake of it and in achieving success in a world where most people have lost their connection to Spirit, Nature, and Soul essence.

I’ve noticed that a lot of people equate “success” with money and fame, and their drive to create abundance is not aligned with higher values and integrity, which creates all sorts of corruption and greed.

I’ve also noticed many people (especially in spiritual communities) reject the money force and project their shadow, unhappiness, and unconscious envy & jealousy on anyone whom they see as wealthy and successful— which keeps them in scarcity consciousness themselves.

On top of that, there has also been a corruption of spirituality and religious programming going on for thousands of years as part of what I call the “matrix poverty program”, where people think that money or wealth is not “spiritual” and to earn or charge money in itself is “wrong” and it’s a virtue to be poor.

THE INTENTION of this program is not only to help you increase abundance and prosperity in your life but also to help you find a sense of deeper meaning in your life, so the pursuit of wealth is not just for the sake of it but is aligned with your unique purpose in alignment with Divine Will.

Embodying Abundance Consciousness It is said that all wars are bankers' wars for profit and more power over others

It's always been about Money and Power and about the Life Force on Occult [hidden] levels.

But instead of putting the blame only externally, we need to ask ourselves, what is OUR relationship to money and power?

  • What unconscious and conscious self-defeating beliefs do we have about money and power?
  • How do we give away our power, including the money power?

Humanity has been manipulated via the lower expressions of money and power (and sex) for thousands of years - be it through the temptations of our lower nature, false programmed beliefs around money & wealth resulting in unconscious self-sabotage, or through the actions of the hostile forces that have hijacked the forces of money and power and keep people controlled and impoverished.

As a result, many people have rejected the money force altogether (consciously or unconsciously), or they have been programmed to perceive it as evil and unspiritual.

However, this "is an error," as Sri Aurobindo noted:

"Money is the visible sign of a universal force, and this force in its manifestation on earth is indispensable to the fullness of the outer life. In its origin and its true action it belongs to the Divine.

As the money-power today is in the hands of the hostile forces, naturally, we have to fight them. 

Whenever they see that you are trying to oust them, they will try to thwart your efforts. You have to bring a higher power than these and put them down.

For this reason, most spiritual disciplines insist on a complete self-control, detachment, and renunciation of all bondage to wealth and of all personal and egoistic desire for its possession. 

Some even put a ban on money and riches and proclaim poverty and bareness of life as the only spiritual condition.

But this is an error; it leaves the power in the hands of the hostile forces. To reconquer it for the Divine to whom it belongs and use it divinely for the divine life is the supramental [divine] way.”

Reconquer The Money Force and Step Into Your Power

This is a time of spiritual warfare, and part of our work and lesson during this Time of Transition is also to reconquer the money force from the hostile forces (along with the forces of power and sex) so we can become more effective, powerful agents of change instead of rejecting it or falling into the matrix poverty program and blame & victim trap.

This in-depth training, with over 100 video lessons and many practical tools and exercisesis designed to go beyond these two popular manifestations regarding money we usually tend to see in the world: rejection or indulgence.

This course will teach you what the "right uses of money" are, and how to open the flow in accordance with universal law, so you can thrive more in prosperity yourself by creating abundance from your Essence.

This evolutionary cycle of upheaval, breakdowns, and breakthroughs holds immense potential to create real fulfillment and prosperity within yourself and in your life based on your inherent higher values and unique soul potential in integrity with your true Self. 

Bernhard Guenther

Create Abundance in Alignment With Your Soul's Purpose

Learn How To Thrive

Topics Covered

Over 100 video lessons in three parts


  • What Is Soul Purpose & Alignment With Divine Will?
  • Unconscious Scarcity Beliefs, Shadow Projections, And Trauma Responses Regarding Money, Wealth, And Abundance.
  • The 5 Core Unconscious Self-Defeating Beliefs Most People Suffer From Inhibiting Abundance & Prosperity.
  • Money & Spirituality (Cutting Through Self-Defeating Scarcity-Inducing False Spiritual Beliefs).
  • The Matrix Scarcity/Poverty Program
  • Scarcity Consciousness vs. Abundance Consciousness
  • Positive Affirmations, Visualizing, NLP, And Self-Hypnosis - Do They Really Work?
  • The Tricky Business and Possible Occult Traps Of “Manifesting Your Desires/Reality”
  • Where Do Your Desires Come From & What Do You Really Want?
  • Success, Entrepreneurship, And Toxic Shame (Don’t Get Fooled By Appearances!)
  • Loss Of Essence And The False Personality
  • Desires vs. Values


  • Cutting Through Popular Myths And Distortions (“There Are No Limitations, “The Law Of Attraction”, “Ask And You Shall Receive”, “You Create Your Own Reality”)
  • The Real Secret Of Reality Creation
  • Understanding Frequency Resonance Vibration And How You Truly Raise Your Frequency/Vibration
  • How To Follow Your Bliss And What It Really Means
  • The Importance To Engage The Will And Commitment
  • The Attention Economy And Short Attention Span Epidemic That Keeps People Entrapped And Impoverished [By Design]
  • The Deeper Psycho-Spiritual Principles Behind The Growth Of Wealth
  • The Lakshmi Archetype Of Wealth, Beauty, Power, And Prosperity
  • What Is The “Right Use Of Money”? Part1
  • Tapping Into Abundance Consciousness And What It Means To Be Spiritual
  • The Movement Of Growth, Money Power, And The Opulence Of Nature
  • Accessing Your Creative Potential & How To Know That You Are On The Right Track
  • How To Invest In Yourself To Create More Abundance
  • The 11 Attributes Of The Most Successful And Powerful Teachers, Mentors, Coaches/Therapists, And Entrepreneurs


  • The Importance Of Commitment And Decisiveness
  • Conquering The Fear Of Making Bad Decisions
  • Embracing The Unknown & The True Meaning Of Intuition
  • How Indecisiveness Leaves You Vulnerable And Open For Occult Attack
  • The Temptation And Potential Matrix Traps Of “Free” Stuff
  • Opening The Flow Of The Money Force In Your Life
  • How Wealth And Prosperity Grow
  • The Corruption Of Spirituality Regarding The Money Force (And How It Kept People Impoverished For Thousands Of Years)
  • What Is The “Right Use Of Money”? Part 2
  • How To Invoke, View, And Use Money As A Divine Power
  • Reconquering The Forces Of Money, Power, And Sex From The Lower Nature & Asuric Hostile “Matrix” Forces
  • Does Bitcoin Fix This?
  • What Forces And Consciousness Are Behind The Emergence Of BTC & Crypto?
  • How To Thrive And Be Successful with Integrity and Authenticity



"A magnificent course! 

I have never before experienced a teaching that was so full of knowledge, with such a thoroughly structured solid research, so much truth and wisdom as well as concrete support/impulses to explore yourself and look at your boundaries in order to overcome them. 

Bernhard Guenther isn't one of these "fast food mentors", telling you stuff that you can hear everywhere if you listen carefully.

No, the knowledge he passes on is for people you are right in the middle of their process of awakening. This process of asking themselves who they are in truth, who have begun to connect to the divine and their true divine nature, and who want to live a fulfilled life in alignment with God as integer and authentic individuals. 

Anybody who has begun this process will be able to gain sooo much out of his teachings. 

What Bernhard constantly emphasizes is the necessity of confronting and healing your childhood wounds/traumas and sincerely engaging in shadow work, in order to stop projecting your unloved traits onto others.

I agree with him a 100 % because I have walked and still walk this path and have been accompanying people for more than 15 years on their way of self-healing, and this is definitely the only way to heal yourself. 

The course is divided into three unities:

In the first one, Bernhard dives into topics as unconscious self-defeating beliefs, scarcity and abundance consciousness, where our desires come from and the so-called trap of agreements. 

The second unity deals with how to transmute scarcity consciousness into prosperity and takes a very careful look at the trap of manifesting your dream life versus the truth about reality creation. 

Bernhard explains what soul purpose and to act and live in alignment with the divine will means, diving into the characteristics of the true self and following your bliss. 

He also talks about the right use of money and the principles of increasing money. 

In the third unity, Bernhard highlights the necessity of commitment and decisiveness and goes deeper into the universal principles of increasing money and what it needs in order to thrive with your business. 

This was definitely the best course I have attended in the last two decades.

No bullshit. No false, confusing content. No manipulation. No contortion. Just truth from an integer person who has gathered true knowledge. Bravo!"

- Isabel S.

"This was such an amazing course that went above and beyond what I expected. I have taken many 'money mindset' programs before, read several books on the topic, and even worked 1:1 with a business/money coach for 6 months.  

Many of these also had a spiritual component to them, so I was wondering if this program would be a review of things I've already learned, or something new. It definitely was something new, and very powerful! The spiritual teachings really landed for me, and made so much sense. It helped that I was already familiar with the spiritual framework that Bernhard teaches and am personally aligned with it.

I found myself loving the simplicity of alignment with Divine Will (as the answer to everything). Of course it is,  and yet I had 'forgotten' on some level that this applies to abundance.  

Some of the other work out there that does have a spiritual component either over-complicates it, does not clearly point to the importance of Divine Will above all else, and/or is not rooted in a spiritual path of substance (it's more airy-fairy new age concepts). So this was really important for me to realize in Bernhard's workshop and it really brought me back to center. 

I'm going through the material now for a second time and taking notes in my journal. I feel very aligned with divine will in the work that I do (it's totally led me down this path that was quite unexpected) and now I feel that building up the personal will 'to give it to the divine' is key as kind of a final tweak to take things to the next level."

- Leigh-Anne L.

"I recently attended Bernhard's webinar series "How to Create Abundance In Alignment With Divine Will." For anyone who has completed any (or all) of Bernhard's (and his wife Laura's) other webinars, master classes, or coaching programs, is a listener of their podcast, or is brand new to their work and material, I highly recommend the latest 'Creating Abundance' series. 

As always, the material is comprehensive, expertly researched, professionally put together, and presented in an easy-to-follow and understandable manner. 

The subject matter is explored from every angle relating to physical reality, the occult forces at play, and going deep into the programming, conditioning, and limiting beliefs that may unconsciously influence our thoughts, decisions, and actions regarding our lives (and blocking or allowing in abundance). 

It's an in-depth guide at all that has been and is related to the matrix scarcity consciousness program and practical tools and exercises and teachings to help you shift into alignment with the divine and embody and allow the flow in of abundance consciousness."

- Kate R.

Course Curriculum

    1. Welcome!

    1. Introduction & Disclaimer

    2. Inspiration & Bernhard's Personal Story

    3. The Main Lessons I have Learned

    4. What is Soul Purpose & Divine Will?

    5. The Obstacle Is The Path

    6. How to Find Essence, Your True Self and Deeper Soul Purpose

    7. Self-Defeating Scarcity Beliefs

    8. Scarcity and Shadow Projection

    9. Exercise 1 and 2 (video introduction)

    10. The 5 Core Unconscious Self-Defeating Beliefs

    11. How Do I Overcome These Core Beliefs?

    12. EXERCISE 3 : How To Work WIth The "I'm Not Good Enough" Program (video version)

    13. Abundance & Spirituality (Scarcity Inducing False Spiritual Beliefs)

    14. Cutting Through False Spiritual Beliefs

    15. EXERCISE 4 (video introduction)

    16. The Matrix Scarcity/Poverty Program

    17. Scarcity vs. Abundance Consciousness

    18. Positive Affirmations, Visualizing, NLP, and Self-Hypnosis

    19. The Tricky Business of “Manifesting Your Desires” (Trap of Agreement)

    20. Occult Traps When Using Ritual Magic

    21. Don't Be Paranoid!

    22. Postive vs. Negative Resistance

    23. Where Do Your Desires Come From?

    24. Success, Entrepreneurship, And Toxic Shame (The Over- and Under Achiever)

    25. The Creation of Holes & The False Personality (Loss of Essence)

    26. Desire and Spirituality

    27. Values vs. Desires

    28. EXERCISE 5: Desires & Values (video version)

    29. EXERCISE 6: Your Life Mandala (video version)

    30. Q & A Session (1)

    1. EXERCISE 1: Self Defeating Scarcity Beliefs (pdf)

    2. EXERCISE 2: Shadow Work (pdf)

    3. EXERCISE 3: How To Work WIth The "I'm Not Good Enough" Program (pdf)

    4. EXERCISE 4: Self-defeating false Spiritual Beliefs (pdf)

    5. EXERCISE 5: Desires & Values (pdf)

    6. EXERCISE 6: Your Life Mandala (pdf)

    7. EXTRA: Shadow Work Resources

    8. EXTRA: Declaration Of Non-Consent For Interference

    9. Presentation Slides (1/3)

    10. Presentation Slides (2/3)

    11. Presentation Slides (3/3)

    1. Introduction to Part 2

    2. Popular Myths and Distortions

    3. There Are No Limitations

    4. Divine Grace and Intervention

    5. The Law of Attraction / Ask and You Shall Receive

    6. You Create Your Own Reality...or do you?

    7. The Real Secret of Reality Creation & Frequency Resonance Vibration

    8. Signs that you are aligned with Divine Will/Essence

    9. Characteristics of the true Self & Essence

    10. Follow Your Bliss

    11. Sat - Chit - Ananda

    12. Do What You Love & The Money Will Follow

    13. EXERCISE 7: Finding Your Bliss (video version)

    14. The Importance To Engage The Will

    15. Effort, Energy, and being an Instrument for the Divine

    16. The Short Attention Span Epidemic

    17. EXERCISE 8: Attention, Focus, Concentration (video introduction)

    18. The Psycho-Spiritual Principles Behind The Growth of Wealth (Introduction)

    19. Lakshmi Energy and Archetype

    20. What is the right use of money? (Part 1)

    21. The Lakshmi Principe of Thriving, Creativity, and Nature

    22. Be Creative! (There is something only YOU can provide)

    23. How To Know That You Are On The Right Track

    24. EXERCISE 9: Activating Your Unique Creative Spirit (video version)

    25. Investing In Yourself

    26. The "I don't have the money" excuse (Trigger warning!)

    27. The 11 Attributes of the Most Successful & Powerful Coaches, Therapists, and Entrepreneurs

    28. EXERCISE 10: Creator Mindset and Investing in Yourself (video version)

    29. Q & A Session (2)

    1. EXERCISE 7: Finding Your Bliss (pdf)

    2. EXERCISE 8: Attention, Focus, Concentration (pdf) - with resources

    3. EXERCISE 9: Activating Your Unique Creative Spirit (pdf)

    4. EXERCISE 10: Creator Mindset and Investing in Yourself (pdf)

    5. Presentation Slides (1/3)

    6. Presentation Slides (2/3)

    7. Presentation Slides (3/3)

    1. Introduction Part 3

    2. The Importance of Commitment & Decisiveness

    3. The Fear of Making "Bad" Decisions and Embracing the Unknown

    4. "Good" and "Bad" Experiences (The Parable of the Chinese Farmer)

    5. The True Meaning of Intuition

    6. Indecisiveness leaves you vulnerable for occult attack

    7. EXERCISE 11: Making Decisions (video version)

    8. The Temptation and Potential Matrix Traps of "Free" Stuff

    9. Nothing is "Free" in the entire Universe

    10. Opening The Flow: The Universal Law of Spending and Receiving

    11. EXERCISE 12: Open the Flow - Spend Money Fearlessly (video version)

    12. Lakshmi wants to be cherished and enjoyed

    13. The Corruption of Spirituality regarding the Money Force

    14. What is the right use of money? (Part 2)

    15. How To Invoke and Use Money as a Divine Force

    16. What are "God's Thoughts" and "True Thoughts"?

    17. EXERCISE 13: Your Relationship to the Divine and Prayer (video version)

    18. Reconquering the Forces of Money, Power, and Sex

    19. EXERCISE 14: What is YOUR Relationships to Money, Sex, and Power? (video version)

    20. The Hold of the Hostile Forces upon the Money-Power

    21. Does Bitcoin fix this?

    22. What Consciousness is behind the Emergence of BTC and Crypto?

    23. How To Thrive and Be Successful WIth Integrity and Authenticity during this Time of Transition

    24. What does it mean to be Authentic?

    25. The Importance of Telling the Truth

    26. Q & A Session (3)

How To Create Abundance in Alignment with Divine Will

  • $699.00
  • 115 lessons
  • 20 hours of video content

Meet Your Facilitator

Bernhard Guenther

Battling severe depression in his early life, Bernhard's journey of self-discovery and healing lead him to spiritual/psychological self-work and the Healing Arts, studying and practicing Yoga, Qi Gong, Meditation, Dance and Drumming, Psychology, Shamanism, as well as various spiritual and ancient esoteric occult teachings. His personal healing process also inspired him to explore the mysteries and hidden knowledge surrounding our planet and humanity’s origins, questioning the roots of what constitutes “reality”, and how social (and spiritual) conditioning impacts our collective and individual search for truth, fulfillment, and happiness in all aspects of life. Over the course of his life, Bernhard has studied extensively various healing modalities throughout his life and graduated from the ‘Institute of Psycho-Structural Balancing’ (IPSB) in Los Angeles and the ‘Esalen Institute’ in Big Sur, essentially developing his own unique style of Integrative Bodywork. Bernhard has worked with and helped thousands of people in their individual healing journey and hosted various workshops and retreats. He has also been giving talks and lectures at conferences and festivals around the world, where he has been invited to speak at. His work can be found at

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