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Basic Package

  • 4 Weekly 90 Minute Group Zoom Calls Discussing the Material of Each Module with Q&A
  • One Closing Group Zoom Call with Q&A
  • Written Guidebooks for Each Module
  • Psychological Practices and Questions for Reflection
  • Meditations, Qi Gong, Yoga, and other Mind/Body/Spirit Practices on Audio and Video
  • Access to a Private Group for Sharing Stories and Processing with other Course Participants
  • Access to course material for 2 months (60 days)

Coaching Package

Limited Availability

  • 4 Weekly 90 Minute Group Zoom Calls Discussing the Material of Each Module with Q&A
  • One Closing Group Zoom Call with Q&A
  • Written Guidebooks for Each Module
  • Psychological Practices and Questions for Reflection
  • Meditations, Qi Gong, Yoga, and other Mind/Body/Spirit Practices on Audio and Video
  • Access to a Private Group for Sharing Stories and Processing with other Course Participants
  • Two 1-hour private coaching calls - one with Bernhard and one with Laura
  • Access to course material for 6 months (180 days)
  • Limited availability!

Mentorship Package


  • 4 Weekly 90 Minute Group Zoom Call Discussing the Material of Each Module with Q&A
  • One Closing Group Zoom Call with Q&A
  • Written Guidebooks for Each Module
  • Psychological Practices and Questions for Reflection
  • Meditations, Qi Gong, Yoga, and other Mind/Body/Spirit Practices on Audio and Video
  • Access to a Private Group for Sharing Stories and Processing with other Course Participants
  • Four 1-hour private coaching calls with Bernhard or Laura OR with Bernhard and Laura together (sessions with Bernhard and Laura together are only available for this option)
  • 1 Mini Introductory Coaching call (20 minutes)
  • 1 Follow-Up Integration Coaching Call (1 hour) 
  • Unlimited Email Support with both Bernhard and Laura for the duration of course
  • Access to course material for 10 months
  • Extremely Limited Availability

    The Mentorship Package is SOLD OUT!

Please note that there are no refunds once you make payment for the course. Because of this, we ask that you ensure that you are a full yes to the program before registering.

This Course Will Help You To:

  • Understand the Interrelationship between Shadow, Trauma, and Occult Forces and Gain Knowledge on how to Close off their “Entry Points” within our Personal and Collective Reality

  • Use the Current Battle of Light and Dark as a Tool to Evolve Yourself and Global Consciousness

  • Heal Shame, Self-Judgement, Childhood Wounds, Confront Deep-Seated Fears, and Live a Life of Embodied Wholeness

  • Master the Foundations of Self-Work and Heal Yourself Holistically (mind/body/spirit)

  • Discover and Heal the Core Wounds behind Repeated Patterns in Your Life and Release Karma that is Stored in the Body

  • Free Yourself from Victim/Saviour/Perpetrator Dynamics and Karmic Relationship Patterns

  • Explore your Personal, Ancestral, and the Collective Shadow in a Safe Container

  • Gain Knowledge on the Connection between Thoughts, Projections, and Black Magick and Learn How to Access Your True Intuition and Psychic Ability

  • Learn how to Recognize and Work with Divine Forces and Gain Support and Guidance from the Unseen Realms

...and more!

Course Format:

When: The course starts April 11th through May 9th, 2020.

How: A new module with the teaching material, guidebook, spiritual and embodiment practices, and psychological exercises will be released every week alongside a live zoom call which you can attend live or watch at your convenience. 

During these calls, Bernhard and Laura give a live 90-minute video Zoom presentation on the course material. This call will contain the essence of the teachings for that module as well as will give the opportunity to ask questions.

Dates/Times for the Live Calls:

  • Module 1: Saturday, April 11th 10:30 am PST (1:30 pm EST/5:30 pm UTC)
  • Module 2: Saturday, April 18th 10:30 am PST (1:30 pm EST/5:30 pm UTC)
  • Module 3: Saturday, April 25th 10:30 am PST (1:30 pm EST/5:30 pm UTC)
  • Module 4: Saturday, May 2nd 10:30 am PST (1:30 pm EST/5:30 pm UTC)
  • Closing Call: Saturday, May 9th 10:30 am PST (1:30 pm EST/5:30 pm UTC).

- If you can’t attend live, all zoom calls will be recorded and uploaded on the course page to view at your own convenience. There is also the possibility to ask questions on the community message board at any time during the course.

Written Guidebooks: A new guidebook will be released each week giving a written overview of the topics, the fundamental information of the module, and some prompts for self-reflection.

Spiritual Practices: Meditation, spiritual, and embodiment practices taught by Bernhard or Laura via video and audio, specifically designed for the work of each module.

Psychological Work: Merging with the Spiritual, we will attach a psychological element with exercises so that all bases of the human experience are explored.

Community: A Private Community Group to share stories and experiences, be our true selves and build a connection with others.

Enrollment: March 11th - April 10th (Early Bird Price ends March 16th)

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An Integrative Approach to Self-Healing Combining Psychological, Somatic, Spiritual and Esoteric Inner Work


There has been a great imbalance occurring when people engage in self-work these days on the path towards awakening. On one hand, there are many people who only focus on psychological work, dismissing or not being aware of the unseen forces of our multi-dimensional reality that impact the direction of our lives in a variety of ways.

On the other hand, there are many people who tend to primarily focus on spiritual practices without engaging in basic psychological work to heal their childhood wounds and traumas. This leads to what is termed as “spiritual bypassing”—using spiritual techniques to bypass our human experience.

And thirdly, we have people who do spiritual work and/or psychological work but are completely unaware of the occult (hidden) forces that are a part of our multidimensional reality. These hidden forces are what greatly impact and influence the direction of our lives, and of all of humanity in general.

This course is designed to bridge the gap between all worlds: the psychological, the somatic, the spiritual and the esoteric—having them all merge together in a truly holistic and integrative approach. We will combine all elements of the human experience in a complete program that will lead you through the fundamental psychological, somatic, spiritual, and esoteric practices needed for the evolutionary journey of consciousness that we, as humans, are being called to take.

Taking Full Self-Responsibility

The hyperdimensional matrix control system and the subject of “entity attachment” have become much more known in certain spiritual circles, and yet there are still many misperceptions and misconceptions about “the topic of all topics”. Many people, when discovering these topics, fall into fear when they come across this knowledge, which leaves them cycling in victim-perpetrator dynamics feeling completely powerless to the influence of the darker hostile forces that affect humanity.

A popular assumption that many people make when they suspect they are impacted by an “entity” is that they need to find someone who can “remove it” for them and then the issue will be resolved. That is not the case. Removing an entity is not enough, for it/they will come back ten-fold (via attachment or interference) if the original “entry point” has not been closed. These entry points are related to blind spots, wounds, and traumas, stemming from childhood, intergenerational trauma, and even past lives—that have gone unrecognized, unintegrated, and unhealed.

Moreover, many people who come to believe that there is an “entity” behind difficult events in their lives may not even be dealing with an interference and/or attachment at all—but instead, have created a demon out of their own thought-forms. These thought-forms begin to attack them, seemingly from the “outside”, but now represent a split-off portion of their psyche. These thought-forms are filled with dense shadow material related to deep-seated fears and habitual patterns of the mind and are often related to unrecognized & unhealed personal and intergenerational trauma. 

Often, it is ignorance that creates these strong feelings of fear as what we don’t know does indeed begin to hurt us, as this shadow material gets darker the more we avoid engaging in the necessary psychological, spiritual, and embodiment practices to uncover the light of the true Self.

The antidote to the darkness is to shine a light on ourselves, taking full self-responsibility for our individual and collective future as we engage in the sincere self-work necessary to unite our bodies with our highest Self. When we take full self-responsibility for who we are in the present moment and how we respond to life, we develop true free will to choose this collective reality as sovereign agents for co-creative change in the world.

How to Truly Transcend the Matrix

Every time we experience an "emotional charge" and then quickly blame the world “out there” for how we feel, we are opening ourselves up to being manipulated by these forces, who feed off of the resulting emotional “loosh” that this roller-coaster creates. This spirals us, as individuals, and humanity, as a species, into deeper layers of suffering as we go through a mass amnesia, forgetting the powerful co-creators that we truly are.

In order to hack the matrix control system, we must engage in constant collective shadow and trauma work, as these are the essential keys to balancing the influence of these hostile forces and anchoring light onto this planet. As this world is a learning experience of duality; we experience both light and darkness, ignorance and truth, and we must rise above this to greater levels of non-dual awareness by accessing Self-energy. When we do this, we instantly live from a place beyond the influence of these forces, while also including our full understanding of the function of both the light and dark and how to use them to expand our awareness.

Shadow Work, Spiritual Practices, and Embodiment 

Through the gateway of our personal and collective shadow we come to understand that darkness (within and without) truly is a spiritual teacher. Paradoxically, doing this deep work with the shadow helps us build a stronger connection to the Self—the basic goodness in our being which lives in alignment with the Divine and Essence. This is the ascend and descend, the deeper we go, the higher we climb, as we embody our true soul essence—which cannot be touched by any hyperdimensional negative force or adverse experience. Therefore, learning how to access and live from a place of embodied Self-energy is the ultimate source of healing and protection that we will ever find.

In this course, Bernhard and Laura will guide you through the process of working with what Carl Jung coined as the “shadow”, through their own holistic process combining shadow work, trauma work, mind/body/spirit practices, and esoteric work, so that you can be well equipped with a full range of tools which you can use to heal yourself and the world on a multidimensional level.

These hidden forces feed off of our collective amnesia as we have forgotten the powerful co-creators that we truly are. We do indeed, consciously or unconsciously, create this reality together. The truth is, we must save ourselves; as above, so below. As we can see from the current chaos in the world, never before has integrating the personal and collective shadow and healing multiple generations of trauma become more necessary for our survival as a human species.

By Healing Ourselves We Heal the World

Our evolutionary task is to become spiritual warriors, becoming fearless in facing darkness (within and without) and teaching ourselves that we can heal ourselves, as individuals and as a species. In doing so, we permanently seal off the energetic entry points in our auric field which these occult forces tag into and siphon our life force from and break free from the Matrix’s system of control. Like the phoenix rising from the ashes, we can use the forces of darkness to anchor and hold an even more brilliant light. 

By healing ourselves, we heal the world, anchoring the light and supramental consciousness onto this reality. This is the current journey that humanity is being called to take. 

Are you ready to answer the call?

Empower Yourself With Self-Knowledge!

This 4-week course will help you to multiply your healing journey and integrate divinity into your body so you can live in your natural state of authenticity, trust, love, and wholeness.

This course is a condensed fusion of both of our work and our combined expertise. We bring decades of experiences and a wide variety of skills in various somatic, spiritual, and psychological healing modalities; which we discovered and learned along our own healing journeys and process of awakening. This course is a fusion of the patterns we have also witnessed in the collective over the years, working with hundreds of people via one-on-one coaching sessions, workshops, and retreats that we have hosted together, as a couple, and in our individual work. 

We are fully committed to offering you everything that we have learned so that you may heal yourself and the world, in service to the greater journey that we are all being called to take.

With love,
Bernhard & Laura

MODULE 1: The Matrix Control System, Occult Forces, and The Evolution of Consciousness

The hyperdimensional matrix uses the emotions of humanity as a “food source”, creating “loosh” that creates endless war, drama, and conflict in our personal and collective experience. This keeps us chained below them in the food chain as puppets of in a game of divide and conquer. However, we can use this experience of separation to evolve consciousness. Using 3 elements of holistic self-work, we introduce the psychological, spiritual, and embodiment practices that are necessary to create lasting changes in our lives.

What we will explore in Module 1: 

  • The Hidden Forces of Life
  • The Matrix Control System: the 3D and Hyperdimensional Manifestations
  • Divide & Conquer Games, Hope & Fear, The Victim/Perpetrator/Saviour Trap
  • Humanity as a Food Source & the Mechanics of Occult Hostile Forces
  • The Path Towards Awakening and The Evolution of Consciousness
  • The Foundations of Self Work: the Importance of Spiritual/Psychological/Embodiment Work

MODULE 2: Personal And Collective Shadow, Projections And Triggers

As humans, we have the tendency to project that which is within us outwardly, especially the parts of us that are still unconscious. We will discuss how to use these reactive points within us (our triggers) to show us where we are still asleep, the importance of recognizing both positive/negative projections, and the difference between False Personality Self (ego) and the True Self. 

What we will explore in Module 2:

  • The Personal and Collective Shadow and the Personal and Interpersonal Body
  • Working with Triggers, Projections, and the Positive/Negative Shadow 
  • Allying with the Shadow and Using It as a Spiritual Teacher
  • False Personality Self and The ”True Self” /Essence
  • Limitations of Psychological Work and “Digging in the Mud”
  • The Unconscious of the Body

MODULE 3: Trauma, Karma In The Body, And Processing Experiences

All humans are traumatized to varying degrees. We discuss the range of these traumas and how they impact us in adulthood, from the more obvious “shock” traumas to the much more common developmental traumas, wherein our core needs were not met at certain life stages. This personal, ancestral, and collective karma affects our body (soma) and leads to beliefs which are the filter that we see the world through. Through using somatic and embodiment work we can process these life experiences so that they complete their karmic cycle and halt their influence in our lives.  

What we will explore in Module 3: 

  • Trauma as Disconnection from the Self and Ego as a Trauma Response
  • Developmental, Shock Trauma, and Resiliency
  • Personal, Ancestral, Collective Karma
  • Core Beliefs/Core Wounds and How Trauma and Karma is Stored in the Body
  • Somatic Work, Embodiment, and How to Process Life Experiences
  • The Necessity to Feel All Emotions, and How to Take Full Self Responsibility

MODULE 4: Intuition, Psychic Attacks, and Assisting Divine Forces

When we carry unresolved trauma and unrecognized shadow material, we may become more susceptible to spirit attachments and hostile occult interferences. Not only that, but thought projections (from ourselves and others) can be used as a form of psychic attack and black magick. The only way to navigate this is to know how to access a state of objectivity in each present moment by accessing Zero Point Non-Reactive Awareness. We can also align ourselves and request help from Divine forces through the true Self to dissolve hostile occult interference. 

What we will explore in Module 4:

  • Intuition, Emotional Intelligence, and Developing Embodied Psychic Awareness
  • Thought Projections, Psychic Attacks, Black Magick
  • Zero Point Non-Reactivity, and Objective Awareness
  • Embracing Wholeness by Learning through Duality and Acknowledging both the Light and the Dark
  • Accessing the Divine & Assisting Forces, and the Importance of Sincerity and Integrity



Frequently Answered Questions

  • I have already done shadow work/trauma work/or have had sessions with you, can I still benefit from this?

    Yes, in our experience, shadow work/trauma work and integrating occult knowledge is a constant, ongoing, and even a collective process that we are all being called to do right now. Also, there is power in the strength of the group container/process. By doing this work in a group of people, we also multiply the effect/experience of the work we do. In fact, the shadow can only make itself known in relation to the “other”. Lastly, the vast majority of the work we have never done in our sessions before and it will be new material created solely for this course.

  • How is this course different from the "Occult Forces of Hyper-Dimensions" webinar Bernhard is offering?

    Not only does this course have a much different range of topics, but this course is also way more experiential than the webinar and fundamentally a completely different experience. In the course, we include spiritual practices, along with psychological work, and a full spectrum of tools to heal the mind/body/spirit which we guide you over 4 weeks through using spiritual practices, psychological exercises, and embodiment practices. This course is also about building a support network of a community of people who are going through this course with you, which is not a part of the webinar. Having said that, the information in the webinar is a good foundation that the course expands on, however, it is not necessary to have watched the Occult Forces webinar to benefit from the course.

  • I won’t be able to attend the live calls, will I still get the most out of this experience?

    Yes, you will still get the full experience whether you attend calls live or not. The recording of each live call will be uploaded onto the course page on the same day for you to watch at any time. There will be opportunities to ask questions via the course community and message board, so if you had any inquiries you are free to ask there at any time.

  • I have some pretty major trauma or occult interference, can this course help me?

    This course is made exactly to bring knowledge in light of these topics and could help anyone who wants to understand the interrelationship between the shadow, trauma, and occult forces. However, please keep in mind that this course may not be sufficient as your sole support system. So, if you are currently in the early stages of recovering from something that has impacted your life in a major way, we also recommend that you also enlist a trauma-informed coach, therapist, and any other support systems that would be good for your psycho-spiritual health before, after, or during the course. In fact, having a multipronged approach for healing is usually the most lasting and impactful, in our experience.

  • What if I buy the basic package and change my mind and want coaching during the course?

    Unfortunately, because we only have a limited amount of coaching spots available, we will not be offering our regular coaching during the course, UNLESS you signed up for the Coaching or Mentorship package (in which case coaching is included in your package). So please act early if you anticipate you would like coaching during the course by booking one of those packages that include some coaching sessions.

  • I have been on your Time of Transition retreat before, would I still benefit from this course?

    What we are offering here is very different from the retreat program, but may include a couple of pieces from it. The difference in this course is that it is really focusing in more depth on the topic of Shadow Work, Trauma, and Occult forces, whereas the retreat is more of a broad variety of topics.

  • Do you offer payment plans?

    Unfortunately, we don’t.

  • How about refunds?

    We do not offer refunds for this course. We are as clear as possible in our marketing, to tell you the content of the class, and what you will be learning. We're committed to delivering you excellent information. We promise that if you do the work of watching the classes and doing the exercises and practices, you will walk away from this course having experienced transformational moments, and an embodied wisdom that will only deepen over time.

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