This Course will help you to

  • Get clearer about your life circumstances and challenges

  • De-condition yourself from matrix programming

  • Understand the Process of Embodiment

  • Connect more with your internal guidance

  • Conquer fears and doubts

  • Find more meaning and purpose in your life

  • Get a bigger picture perspective of your individual evolutionary journey

  • Get a deeper understanding of your personal Hero's Journey in context of transcending the Matrix

Answering the Call - Your Personal Myth

Modern culture and society have disconnected us from who we truly are. We have been programmed with beliefs, desires, needs, and wants that are not our own.

We are disconnected from nature, spirit, and our own bodies. Most of the struggle we experience in life is due to the friction and conflict within us – the schism between who we truly are on a soul level (essence) and the conditioned personality we mistake for our true self.

This discord within – the resulting struggle and suffering – produces the frequency-loosh that the Matrix feeds off, leaving us vulnerable to manipulation and interferences. It keeps us from experiencing true love, joy, abundance, and fulfillment. 

We have been tricked into looking outside ourselves for happiness and guidance, pressured by the ‘disease’ of comparison and competition with desperate attempts to “succeed” in life.

We try to “fit in” and lose ourselves in the process. From a bigger-picture perspective, this disembodied existence keeps us enslaved via the disease of “homogenization” of humanity – at the expense of the individual – in a world where pathology has become normalized.

Yet, we are not victims of our circumstances, and there is guidance all around if we answer the call!

Struggle, doubt, confusion, and suffering are most often the “cries of the soul” to find its way “back home” – to align with our unique soul purpose, which is essentially our personal myth and life path. 

All there is are lessons in the grand scheme of the evolution of consciousness and the duality-polarity. We start to question what we’ve been told and taught by official culture and embark on the adventure to seek truth within and without.

The Hero’s Journey provides an archetypal map that can help us to reconnect with our personal myth – our innermost being – the journey to transcend the Matrix and bring forth our unique talents and gifts as we become more and more embodied in our essence.

The Hero’s Journey relates to the Process of Embodiment, the Alchemical Inner Marriage, Shadow Work, Matrix interferences, Divine Guidance, and essentially the Awakening Process.

This archetypal map helps us to connect with the Divine within, claiming our sovereignty as full embodied frequency anchors and transducers of Divine Will, i.e., your SOUL PURPOSE. 

In his masterclass, I’m going through all the 17 steps of the Hero’s journey in a comprehensive way so you can relate them to your personal life and find more meaning and guidance.

I will tie these archetypal steps into to aforementioned related topics while taking a deeper look into the Process of Embodiment while giving you some practical tools to implement in your daily life.

Bernhard Guenther 

Topics in this Course

  • The Hero’s Journey

  • The Process of Embodiment

  • The Alchemical Marriage of the Inner Male & Female

  • Obstacles & Matrix Interferences

  • The Dark Half of the Truth

  • The Descent and Ascent

Course curriculum

    1. Welcome!

    2. Introduction

    1. Departure Introduction

    2. The Ordinary World

    3. The Call to Adventure

    4. Refusal of the Call

    5. Meeting with the Mentor/Supernatural Help

    6. Crossing the Threshold/Belly of the Whale

    1. The Road of Trials

    2. Meeting with the Goddess

    3. The Temptation

    4. The Dark Night of the Soul

    5. Rebirth - The Ordeal

    6. The Ultimate Boon - The Reward

    1. Refusal of the Return

    2. Rescue from Without

    3. The Corssing of the Return Threshold

    4. Master of Two Worlds

    5. Freedom to Live

    6. Cycles within cycles

    1. Introduction

    2. The Sacred Marriage

    3. Male and Female Aspects of Consciousness

    4. Obstacles and Matrix Interferences

    5. The Dark Half of the Truth

    6. The Ascend and Descend

    1. PDF file of slides

The Hero's Journey & The Process of Embodiment

  • $99.00
  • 30 lessons
  • 3 hours of video content
  • with Bernhard Guenther

Meet Your Facilitator

Bernhard Guenther

Battling severe depression in his early life, Bernhard's journey of self-discovery and healing lead him to spiritual/psychological self-work and the Healing Arts, studying and practicing Yoga, Qi Gong, Meditation, Dance and Drumming, Psychology, Shamanism, as well as various spiritual and ancient esoteric occult teachings. His personal healing process also inspired him to explore the mysteries and hidden knowledge surrounding our planet and humanity’s origins, questioning the roots of what constitutes “reality”, and how social (and spiritual) conditioning impacts our collective and individual search for truth, fulfillment, and happiness in all aspects of life. Over the course of his life, Bernhard has studied extensively various healing modalities throughout his life and graduated from the ‘Institute of Psycho-Structural Balancing’ (IPSB) in Los Angeles and the ‘Esalen Institute’ in Big Sur, essentially developing his own unique style of Integrative Bodywork. Bernhard has worked with and helped thousands of people in their individual healing journey and hosted various workshops and retreats. He has also been giving talks and lectures at conferences and festivals around the world, where he has been invited to speak at. His work can be found at

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